Why SRK is a perfect jewel… <3

Blogging and not dedicating one to him would be injustice to the die-hard fan of his, within me.

Apart from all the abstract rumors about Mr.khan i would prefer to make some interesting  points bordering on how he is so irresistible!

1.The kind of charm he posses


2.He is so witty..


3.Born to be a super star!

During his school days, Shah Rukh acted like he was having an epileptic attack in order to bunk a class. His acting was so realistic that the teacher allowed his friends to take him away and make him rest. What happened after shows his mischievous side even more – instead of escaping immediately, one of his friends went to the class again, to ask for the teacher’s leather shoes as making an epileptic person during an attack smell leather is an Indian remedy. The poor teacher had to walk with just one shoe for the rest of the day, courtesy SRK.


4.Can u be anymore cuter!

A GIF speaks more than thousand words  😉


5.The Shy Superstar

When he was shooting for the song ‘Dard-e-Disco’ from Om Shanti Om, he was wearing shorts. so he was waiting for the background dancers, who were all ladies, to get ready, so he could come out and start the shoot.But he felt coy coming in there and told the production team to ask the ladies to stay away, so that he can quickly get into the water, without anyone seeing.


6.Bit for needy


7.Well quite the dancer ..isn’t he? 😀

At an interview well-known choreographer Saroj khan admitted  that SRK has got great dancing skills and even if he sucks at a step or two he would practice much hard to get the step correctly


8.How he portrayed love…aww!



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