One Day


Love will hurt you  only
Until one day you’ll realize
It never existed
That day you’ll be free

All the preceptions would be changed
And your world will be upside down
But believe me,this you will be different
And then again one day your heart will skip a beat

That day you will know what love was
And how you perceived it wrong all this time.






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You wanted it to be him,
All the dreams that you saw
All the fairy tales that you thought of
The moments that you pictured with him
But you didn’t knew the fact
You are just another number to him

You were never what he dreamt of
But all you could see and think was him
Your heart deep down always wanted it to be him
It was him from the beginning till the end
The end of the love that you could give out to anyone

It hurts to know that the one place
You thought was your home,
The final pathway to your entire life
Suddenly seems to be dead end road
All you can wish for, is to make him see
what are the things that he have been
doing in the name of love!






Fake Love


The one who love will never play a victim

The one who love will stay intact at their place waiting for the other half to come back and fill in the gap

The one who love can never leave the other one without a reason

Even with reason they come back for time and again because they know how much they are into the other soul

The one who love don’t know the very fact that they have been at times exposed to the fake love!




Why SRK is a perfect jewel… <3

Blogging and not dedicating one to him would be injustice to the die-hard fan of his, within me.

Apart from all the abstract rumors about Mr.khan i would prefer to make some interesting  points bordering on how he is so irresistible!

1.The kind of charm he posses


2.He is so witty..


3.Born to be a super star!

During his school days, Shah Rukh acted like he was having an epileptic attack in order to bunk a class. His acting was so realistic that the teacher allowed his friends to take him away and make him rest. What happened after shows his mischievous side even more – instead of escaping immediately, one of his friends went to the class again, to ask for the teacher’s leather shoes as making an epileptic person during an attack smell leather is an Indian remedy. The poor teacher had to walk with just one shoe for the rest of the day, courtesy SRK.


4.Can u be anymore cuter!

A GIF speaks more than thousand words  😉


5.The Shy Superstar

When he was shooting for the song ‘Dard-e-Disco’ from Om Shanti Om, he was wearing shorts. so he was waiting for the background dancers, who were all ladies, to get ready, so he could come out and start the shoot.But he felt coy coming in there and told the production team to ask the ladies to stay away, so that he can quickly get into the water, without anyone seeing.


6.Bit for needy


7.Well quite the dancer ..isn’t he? 😀

At an interview well-known choreographer Saroj khan admitted  that SRK has got great dancing skills and even if he sucks at a step or two he would practice much hard to get the step correctly


8.How he portrayed love…aww!


A Tale of success

successYou know it’s really hard to fail down

It’s hard deep inside to tear down

Takes a lot of courage for then to settle down

With all the dark fears and scaring thoughts

Going all around..


Better to held your head up high,

Good to be smiling through your pain

Rather than dying inside

Rolling tears down your eyes

For the best you will have to now work divine


For the sake of your well being,

Know that time is gonna heal everything

Work around as hard as you can

Keeping hopes always high

And expectations down the mile


Sorrow is not going to last long

Until u choose it as your song

Go through the way that is right

Some things are worth the fight.


Was that love?


Infatuation  and love  does exists maybe together or maybe at different levels with different people or just the same one..

You will never know when affection of a few weeks will turn into love and the love you thought would last for eternity will turn it’s back upon you..

Guess that’s something which is meant to be a surprise!

At each part of your life when you think you are affected by a person whether it’s about their mood,their likes or dislikes , their happiness or anything concerning….honestly it’s a beautiful feeling ..u feel brighter when u smile in someone’s absence ,when u picture them in your every happy moment standing right beside you and you want to be there for them at every ups downs.TOGETHER!

For those who just got out of a bad relationship or those who ended their love story because it was cussing onto them..u r gonna be totally will be good,things will fall into right places.

You really need to focus on yourself and analyse-was that the kind of  love u derserved.Just think beyond all this love of you and your partner isn’t there a single other thing which is equally important to you.

Love does not always prevail between the tagged girlfriend and boyfriend but it does subsist between two people who understand each other completely and who stay at each others side and would never tell you they did all as a favor to you when you were heartbroken or depressed or struggling and they were with you when nobody else was.

love never needed a tag neither it is required now , it can exist in any form,shape,size and color.

The best way to lie is to tell the truth… carefully edited truth.


obviously above used quote is an anonymous one but still there is more than 100% chance that many of u will agree to that. 😉

To those who are  thinking why to learn about something bad..oh wait a second….can u count how many times u did lie to numerous people everyday and how it has become an art to be learnt if one wants to be great in having relationship with people around you.

it is because of the  obvious reasons that u cannot keep everyone happy with what you do and there has to be someone in a group of 10 people to criticize u at some point of time . And let’s be honest u don’t want that one person to keep knocking u like this..

Okay not everyone is self motivated….there is a serious chance of a person getting depressed if u keep on criticizing  him/her.

Honestly, take it from me as a victim of this..Damn man! people are gonna manipulate things in such a way that it is gonna create a maze u cannot run away from. 😉

It’s hard to digest the truth but the one who’s got the skills to keep themselves unaffected from this type of bullshit are gonna enjoy their life to another  level..!

There are some ways that u can stay happy with all this going around

1. U can be the part of group of manipulating people..easiest one !



2. Be far far away from those people ..plz!


3.Be so sassy that nobody would want to get through u with shit..


4.Do not ever let anyone OVER-ANALYZE your situations.


5.Not getting involved with any kind of random crap going on..Harmless! 🙂



Develop a support system within urself to fight with this virus and  embody positivity.