Was that love?


Infatuation  and love  does exists maybe together or maybe at different levels with different people or just the same one..

You will never know when affection of a few weeks will turn into love and the love you thought would last for eternity will turn it’s back upon you..

Guess that’s something which is meant to be a surprise!

At each part of your life when you think you are affected by a person whether it’s about their mood,their likes or dislikes , their happiness or anything concerning….honestly it’s a beautiful feeling ..u feel brighter when u smile in someone’s absence ,when u picture them in your every happy moment standing right beside you and you want to be there for them at every ups downs.TOGETHER!

For those who just got out of a bad relationship or those who ended their love story because it was cussing onto them..u r gonna be totally fine.life will be good,things will fall into right places.

You really need to focus on yourself and analyse-was that the kind of  love u derserved.Just think beyond all this love of you and your partner isn’t there a single other thing which is equally important to you.

Love does not always prevail between the tagged girlfriend and boyfriend but it does subsist between two people who understand each other completely and who stay at each others side and would never tell you they did all as a favor to you when you were heartbroken or depressed or struggling and they were with you when nobody else was.

love never needed a tag neither it is required now , it can exist in any form,shape,size and color.